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Asphalt Recycling

This mobile batch plant recycles 100% of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product) asphalt chunks and millings into quality hot mix asphalt, which allows a large savings in costs to the consumer.

  1.  The chunk Asphalt, or clean milled Asphalt is placed  into the Recycler.
  2. The Asphalt is broken down and re-heated to desired temperature. {325 f to 400 f}
  3. After Approximately 30 min depending on Ambient temperature,  we have ready to pour hot asphalt.
  4. Binders and additional aggregates can be added to hot mix if needed.
  5. We can make Asphalt year around. And Deliver the hotmix in a hot box; so the mix it is hot and ready to pour.

Mobile Recycler

This recycler will take chunk asphalt and reclaim it to make usable asphalt.


It will make 5 tons per hour and 100 tons in a day. Perfect for those small driveways and repairs.


Here are our materials. Yes, It is the old asphalt that came off of a parking lot or Road.

Loading Recycled Asphalt

We can load up to 10000lbs into the machine and make 5 tons.

Up Position

We discharge the material out of the machine once it has meets the desired temperature.

 Loading Loader

When unloading we can empty onto a conveyor or into our Loader.

Hot Box
During the winter time we will load into a hot box to keep optimum temperatures. We also load into Dumptrucks with our conveyor system.


The Hot Box is thermostatically controlled.

Loading Hot Box

We can load year around.

Hot Box Loaded

Nice new mix that came from chunk asphalt. With no additives no binders. Yes believe it. There are no tricks up our sleeves. We can add binders if the old asphalt is very oxidized.

 Loaded Ready For work

Loaded and ready to go to work.

Recycled Asphalt has the same properties that new asphalt will have, as long as, It is not overheated.




No more hauling old removed asphalt to the dump. We can recycle this waste product into new ready to use HOT MIX any time of the YEAR!

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 "Dirt Bandit works so hard they wear out Shovels"

Broken Shovel


"It is very refreshing to see well maintained equipment and Great safety practices."

NM Mutual Workmans comp office


 That was the best $48 bucks I've ever spent. The parking lot looks fantastic. Even the sidewalk was done. They even pulled the weeds in the sidewalk cracks. Looks like a new place. Thank you. See you again in 3 months or sooner.

Amy- J and J Chem