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Aztec Schools
Aztec Schools

Aztec Schools has seen the benefit of using Dirt Bandit Sweeping Inc. Look at the pictures and run your mouse across the photo to see the before and after. Make sure you look close at the amount of debris that we remove. There lots have been neglected for years and the current administration has done a great job getting things cleaned up. 

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No more hauling old removed asphalt to the dump. We can recycle this waste product into new ready to use HOT MIX any time of the YEAR!

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 "Dirt Bandit works so hard they wear out Shovels"

Broken Shovel


"It is very refreshing to see well maintained equipment and Great safety practices."

NM Mutual Workmans comp office


 That was the best $48 bucks I've ever spent. The parking lot looks fantastic. Even the sidewalk was done. They even pulled the weeds in the sidewalk cracks. Looks like a new place. Thank you. See you again in 3 months or sooner.

Amy- J and J Chem