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+ Why would you Seal Coat our Parking Lot?

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Asphalt Seal Coating
Seal Coating

Asphalt Seal Coating is a great way to help preserve new or existing asphalt. Asphalt emoltion or Coal Tar is an excellent waterproofing product that has alot of flex ability and adhesive properties to bind and hold the aggregates in the pavement. Asphalt has some serious drawbacks that are relitive to its chemical makeup. Asphalt is a very complex mixture of thousands of chemicals which are predominantly open chain {aliphatic} in structure with considerable degree of instauration within their molecular structure. An open chain provides an easy access to weather, salt, fuels and chemicals. All of the mentioned will attack and disintegrate the molecules in the asphalt makeup. There are many signs of disintegration in asphalt, Discoloration, cracking, unraveling and dissolving and these are just the most common. By using a Seal Coat material this product will absorb into the asphalt and help bind and protect. This process can save thousands of dollars if applied by a licensed and bonded professional.


All Asphalt surfaces need seal coating; Protect your investment!

New Seal Coat

This sealer was applied with a spray wand if you look at the edge of the drive you will see where we spray to. The edges are done by Hand.


Here is Mauro sealing the edges with a brush. After it dries we will spray the larger areas with a large spray wand or use the Squeegie Machine.

Squeegie Machine for Seal Coating Asphalt 

New Seal coat.

Dirt Bandit Warranties all of our work.




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No more hauling old removed asphalt to the dump. We can recycle this waste product into new ready to use HOT MIX any time of the YEAR!

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 "Dirt Bandit works so hard they wear out Shovels"

Broken Shovel


"It is very refreshing to see well maintained equipment and Great safety practices."

NM Mutual Workmans comp office


 That was the best $48 bucks I've ever spent. The parking lot looks fantastic. Even the sidewalk was done. They even pulled the weeds in the sidewalk cracks. Looks like a new place. Thank you. See you again in 3 months or sooner.

Amy- J and J Chem