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Our Services

  • Sweeping
    Dirt Bandit is the Largest Sweeping Company in New Mexico. We can do everything from Milling Sweeping to Vaccum Sweeeping.
  • Line Striping Video
    New Mexico has a Striping company that can stripe the hardest jobs. Heliports, Large parking lots, Airports, Radius Specialist etc.
  • Medium & High Pressure Washing
    New Mexicos Dirt Bandit Sweeping can also pressure wash just about anything with 200deg f water at 3800 psi.
  • Crack Filling
    Dirt Bandit Sweeping of New Mexico only uses the best to fill Asphalt Cracks with hot rubberized crack filler from only the best manufacturer's. We do Highway crack Filling, Parking Lots and more.
  • Parking Bumpers
    New Mexicos only distributor of recycled parking bumpers, Speed bumps and speed humps.
  • Speed Bumps & Humps
    Mew Mexicos only distrubitor of GNR products that reduces speed on roadway or parking lots to 2-5 MPH bringing vehicles to a virtual halt
  • Dump Truck Services
    Farmington New Mexico has a small dump truck service in Farmington if you need little hauled.
  • Light Bulb Replacement
    Northern New Mexico Dirt Bandit can have our expertly trained staff that can replace your tough to reach parking lot light bulbs with our high lift service equipment.
  • Pothole Repair
    Dirt Bandit Sweeping can repair any pothole any size or depth. In New Mexico, Clororado and Utah. We can recycle the asphalt that comes out of the hole recycle it and the same material will go back in the same hole.
  • Infrared Asphalt Repair
    Recycled asphalt. Infrared Process. New Mexico Has another Infrared Recycler.
  • Asphalt Seal Coating
    Seal Coating provides protection against enviromental distress
  • Asphalt Paving
    One of New Mexico's Paving, Parking Lot Paving, Paving Driveways, Hot mix large pot holes
  • Seal Coating
    New Mexicos Largest Seal Coating company. We are legal and Honest.
  • Concrete Repair
    Concrete repair
  • Bollard Protectors- Post Guard
    easily slides over the post for a snug and secure fit







No more hauling old removed asphalt to the dump. We can recycle this waste product into new ready to use HOT MIX any time of the YEAR!

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 "Dirt Bandit works so hard they wear out Shovels"

Broken Shovel


"It is very refreshing to see well maintained equipment and Great safety practices."

NM Mutual Workmans comp office


 That was the best $48 bucks I've ever spent. The parking lot looks fantastic. Even the sidewalk was done. They even pulled the weeds in the sidewalk cracks. Looks like a new place. Thank you. See you again in 3 months or sooner.

Amy- J and J Chem